Starting with Dekko

Dekko is a simple secure email system for businesses that value their data and data of their customers and partners. Look more about Dekko’s features on our home page

On this page:
First steps
Account registration
Adding contacts
Adding a trusted user
Sending and receiving messages
Audit Log

First steps with Dekko

You can start with Dekko in under a minute. First, register a new account and confirm your email address. And there is no second step - you are done!

To send a new message in Dekko, click Compose, type in the recipient’s email address and the message, and click Send. You just sent your first secure message in Dekko.

Your messages and your passwords are protected from everyone including the Dekko team. We recommend to nominate a person as a trusted contact to help you reset your password in case you have forgotten it.

And to protect yourself from spam, phishing, and ransomware, create your own circle by clicking the plus button on the top right corner, invite your trusted correspondents, and start communicating!

Below you can find more detailed instructions how to perform these steps.


To use Dekko, you need to register at Dekko’s registration page. That will take you just 15 seconds (depending how fast you type!). Use a strong password to protect your account.

You will receive a confirmation message to your email address. It will contain a link that you need to click to finalise the creation of your account.

Adding a Trusted User

Everything you do using Dekko is protected by your password. Dekko does not store your password and isn’t able to share it with anyone, which means if you lose your password you will no longer have access to any of your Dekko messages or files. The only way to recover a lost password is to add a trusted user - this can be a close friend or anybody you can trust with your information. To add a trusted user:

Start by adding your trusted user as a contact. Trusted users must be registered Dekko users.

  1. Select the “All” button at the top of the page to ensure you can see all of your contacts, then press on the contact you want to add as a trusted user:

  2. Toggle the trusted user button so that it is green. This contact is now a trusted user:

Adding contacts

Contacts are added in several different ways.

To add a contact manually that is already using Dekko:

  1. Press ‘Contacts’ and then ‘Add Contact’.

  2. Enter the user address of the contact you wish to add. You must know the exact address of the contact - this is done to protect the privacy of users and prevent guessing. Once you have typed in a valid user address a box with their online status and an ‘Add’ button will appear. Press ‘Add’ and the contact will be added.

If you send a message to anyone they will be added as a contact, or if you are added to a Circle all of the members of the Circle that are visible to you will be added.

Sending and receiving messages

You can learn more about the inbox here, as well as chat and cloud/file sharing.

When you go to your Dekko inbox for the first time you will be asked for your password:

Enter your email and the password, and then Dekko will show your inbox:

Now you can compose your first secure message in Dekko. Click on “Compose” button, and then type the recipient’s email address in the “To:” field.

If your correspondent has an account with Dekko, they will receive the message directly into their Dekko inbox. Otherwise, Dekko will send them an invitation to join, and they will receive your message after registration.

Notice that in Dekko you can send files of virtually any size. Free accounts have a limit of 500MB per file, and premium accounts can send files of many gigabytes!


You can learn more about circles here.

A circle is a group of people you trust. It is an invitation-only club that you can invite or be invited into. When you send or receive a message within a circle, you can be sure that all senders and recipients are genuine. This means no spam, no scam, and no ransomware.

You might have noticed that there is already a circle called “public”. It is a fully secure circle, although it is open to everyone. Think about it as a normal email, but fully encrypted and secure. To have fully “walled” system, you need to create your own circles and invite your colleagues, partners, and friends into the respective circles.

To create a circle, click on the blue circle in the top right corner:

Then, enter a name of a new circle and click “Create”, well, to create a circle:

Dekko will reload and you will see your circle, along with “public” circle on the top of the screen. Click on the plus sign on the circle and start inviting people into your circle!

Using the Audit Log

The audit trail can be used to view:

  • When a Circle invite is sent
  • When an invitee joins a Circle
  • When a message is received
  • When a message is opened

Conversations are identified using a unique string of characters. The audit trail can be filtered by date and even down to time.

The audit trail can be viewed for all of your Dekko interactions, just Public, or for individual Circles. To view the audit trail:

  1. Select the domain you wish to view the audit log for and press “Audit logs”:

  1. Ensure the appropriate range for the log is set, and your log will be shown: